the creation

The creators of the restaurant "Ammos" are: Michael Galitis, Galitis Nektarios and Tsakos Theodore (not judging by the photo) ..

Besides partners, are very good friends. Their relationship begins from childhood, when they were athletes and teammates in basketball team Prfira Piraeus. With 4 restaurants in Piraeus (Imerovigli, Cape Dirou, "Tsakos", Bachaliko) contact was daily and there was always the desire to cooperate. This desire over time matured and turned into a need to create and so the right opportunity came.. We present the tavern "Ammos".

The known place of Peiraia, for 11 years has become the number one destination for fans of seafood, located in the heart of Mikrolimano almost floating on the sea! Guests will have the experience to feel that they are in a Cycladic island, as the decor is inspired solely by the colors and smells of the Aegean! Among the tasty seafood temptations, we present the stuffed sardines, smelt of phages, the delicious seafood risotto, always accompanied by fine aromatic ouzo and raki. The successful triplet in the restaurant area which puts years his personal stamp promises to excite your taste and your travel summer destinations!