the creation

The creators of the restaurant "Ammos" are: Michael Galitis, Galitis Nektarios and Tsakos Theodore (not judging by the photo) ..

Besides partners, are very good friends. Their relationship begins from childhood, when they were athletes and teammates in basketball team Prfira Piraeus. With 4 restaurants in Piraeus (Imerovigli, Cape Dirou, "Tsakos", Bachaliko) contact was daily and there was always the desire to cooperate. This desire over time matured and turned into a need to create and so the right opportunity came.. We present the tavern "Ammos".

The highest quality products

Great place, fantastic food, but above all, the best materials in every dish! All products we use are fresh, from vegetables to a salad up our fishes and our aim is to keep our daily level at a high level! Your kind words and the conversion of "Ammos" to your everyday food place, is our reward and proof of the high quality of our products combined with its unique location!